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Bad credit business loans can be difficult to qualify for, but you can still receive funding if you apply for alternative financing from NBH.  With NBH, you don’t have to worry if your personal credit is less than perfect. Our experienced financial experts will work with you so that you can obtain the financing you require to grow your business.

Been Turned Down for a Cash Advance or Business Loan in the Past?
NBH is here to help.  We offer starter and decline programs for those who have been turned down before and most people will qualify. We want you to see you and your business succeed!

Unlike typical bad credit business loans issued by banks, NBH’s alternative financing options do not require a lengthy application process.  Our loans are unsecured loans, also known as business cash advances, and can be used to pay for any business expense including payroll, equipment upgrades, renovations, acquisitions, or anything else.  Now you have the working capital you need to make that acquisition, renovation or take advantage of that special vendor promotion!

Why rely on banks for bad credit business loans? A business cash advance from NBH is the fast, easy and better option!

  • Free and fast application process
  • No collateral required
  • No closing costs or hidden fees
  • Repayment done via electronic payment receipts – no fixed payment schedule to worry about
  • Get up to $250,000 direct deposited into your bank account within days of approval

See how much you can qualify for by using our merchant cash advance calculator.

Invest in Your Business with NBH’s Alternative Financing Solutions

When you work with NBH, you have a true business partner.  Get the money you require, even when you can’t get a bank loan.  Get a free quote, apply online or contact NBH today to discuss your working capital requirements and a dedicated business account manager will help you obtain the money you need fast.

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At National Business Helpers we understand running a business can at times be a financial struggle. When you work with NBH, you have a true business partner, not just a lender. We’re here to work with you every step of the way. In order to do our best to help our clients we offer a variety of business financing options. Our financing plans include:

  • Alternative Financing – Immediate additional funding for your business, no applying for a load.
  • Business Cash Advance Loan – If you need quick working capital a business cash advance is the ideal situation for you.
  • Bad Credit Business Loans – While it may be hard to apply for a bad credit business loan, you can still receive funding and not worry about your personal credit being less than perfect.
  • Cash Advance Program – Whatever your business needs may be – Get a cash advance up to $250,000.
  • Cash Flow Loan – Great option to obtain working capital funding quick and easy!